Event Power Breakfast

Power Breakfast Sessions

ThePower Breakfast Sessions will be held throughout the year and in different locations through the whole of Belgium. This will allow
us to connect with and inform you of the newest tech and developments within our industry.

The sessions are free and will take about four hours total. This allows for a nice breakfast to
start with, getting up to date with the latest developments and will still leave you enough time to get down to business for the rest of the day.

General agenda

07:15 - 08:00    Breakfast

08:00 - 09:00    Sales oriented session

09:15 - 10:15    Technical oriented session

10:30 - 11:30    News from the helpdesk
                         (User Cases)


In Belgium there will be one session nearly every month. The topic will be the same three times in
a row, but in different provinces to accommodate for everyone to have one close by your location.
They are also set up in two dutch and one french version.

For the Netherlands there will be one session every season - starting with the Spring Breakfast Session.

Power Breakfast Belgium

25 March • Oostkamp • In Dutch
     Topic: K-ASAP (Kaspersky)

22 April • Westerlo • In Dutch
     Topic: K-ASAP (Kaspersky)

20 May • Namur or Liege • in French
     Topic: K-ASAP (Kaspersky)

27 May • Drongen • in Dutch
     Topic: Secure WiFi (WatchGuard)

17 June • Aarschot • in Dutch
     Topic: Secure WiFi (WatchGuard)

Power Breakfast Belgium

24 June • Nivelle • in French
     Topic: Secure WiFi (WatchGuard)

15 July • Zaventem • in English
     Topic: High Availability (WatchGuard)

19 August • Zaventem • in English
     Topic: TDR (WatchGuard)

Power Breakfast Netherlands

25 March • Houten • In Dutch
     Topic: Why TSS (WatchGuard)