Gemalto is at the heart of our evolving digital society, enabling businesses and governments around the world to offer trusted and convenient digital services to billions of individuals.

We work behind the scenes to ensure that each time their customers, employees and citizens want to transact, connect or identify themselves, they can do so safely and easily.

Whether they’re communicating, banking, doing business online, using eGovernment services, accessing the cloud or building the Internet of things, people everywhere rely on Gemalto every day.

Our expertise spans the entire process of creating digital security solutions for our clients and their customers. We develop secure software and operating systems which we embed in many kinds of device, like SIM cards, banking cards, tokens, electronic passports and ID cards. Once we’ve personalized them and loaded them with data, we deploy platforms and services to manage them throughout their life-cycle.

We can only do this because our clients are confident that we’ll safeguard their assets, and that their users can enjoy our solutions in complete security. And ultimately, that’s how we bring trust and convenience to the digital world.

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